The present General conditions are designed to regulate the relations between the company ARTEFAKTI LTD, Sofia, 23 Budapeshta Str., unique identifier number 203377631, hereinafter referred to as ARTEFAKTI, and the customers of the online store ARTEFAKTI.EU.
  • The present document contains General Conditions according to which ARTEFAKTI shall provide goods/services to its users/customers, through the online store ARTEFAKTI.EU. These conditions are bounding for all users who have loaded the page.
  • The identification of the user/customer for the purpose of reproduction of his/her statement both for acceptance of the General conditions and for the placed order, shall be performed through the stored log-files on the server of ARTEFAKTI.EU, storage of the IP address of the user /customer, as well as any other information.
  • After clicking on the button “PLACE ORDER” the users agree to purchase the goods contained in the virtual shopping cart. This action shall have binding legal effect. The customer receives confirmation of the order and the contract shall be deemed concluded with the receipt of that confirmation.
  • If the ordered product is not available in stock, ARTEFAKTI informs the user/customer that it is exhausted within the working week by sending a message to the e-mail address or the phone number stated by the customer. In the case of performed payment to the account of the trader, the customer may choose either refunding of the sums or a replacement order.
  • The language of the contract shall be Bulgarian or English and the payment shall be performed in Bulgarian leva (BGN), EUR or USD. All prices are final prices, exempted from VAT according to Art. 13 par. 9 of the VAT Law.
  • All pictures of the products are for illustration purpose only. Slight differences in every product distributed by ARTEFAKTI are possible due to the nature of the manual work.
  • The TRADER shall send the confirmed order within seven working days from the date of the confirmation.
  • The user/customer bears in full the risk of damage/loss of the goods during delivery. Immediately after handing over the goods to the courier ARTEFAKTI shall be released from the risk which shall pass to the user/customer. ARTEFAKTI shall not be liable for delay, provided that the delay is caused by the courier or any other supplier.
  • Immediately after delivery, the goods should be carefully checked by the customer or his/her authorized representative. Eventual damages, impacts and others should be reported immediately to ARTEFAKTI. Should damages be determined which have occurred during transportation of the goods, ARTEFAKTI shall not be liable for the warranty maintenance of such goods. In the cases where concrete date and hour for delivery have been stated by ARTEFAKTI, this statement has bounding effect. In case not proper or wrong address, contact person and/or phone number have been stated when submitting the order, ARTEFAKTI shall not be bound by any obligation for performance of the order.
  • By handing over of the goods the customer or a third person shall sign the accompanying documents. Third person shall be considered any person, other than the person who has submitted the application, but receiving the consignment at the address stated by the customer. In the case of refusal of receipt of the goods, other than the cases described below, the refusal shall be deemed ungrounded and the Customer shall owe payment of the costs for delivery and return of the goods. Should the customer not be found within the term for performance of the delivery at the stated address, or should no access and conditions for handing over of the goods within this term be provided, ARTEFAKTI shall be discharged from its obligation to deliver the ordered goods.
  • The warranty period for all products of ARTEFAKTI.EU shall be 6 months. The transport costs to the ARTEFAKTI shop shall be for account of the customer. All metal parts of the products offered by ARTEFAKTI.EU are made of 925 silver (sterling silver). One should take into consideration that silver develops patina, pale yellow to dark brown and black spots may appear on the surface of the silver parts. We have taken all measures for slow down the process of developing patina. However, considering the nature of silver the process of developing patina cannot be avoided. The surface of the silver parts has been inhibited, but despite of this change in the color will occur depending on the use and way of storage – from 2 months to 2 years. The black metal parts are also made of 925 silver. The surface treatment of the black metal parts is a kind of patina (sulfidation) which is natural to silver. The sulfidation is worn mechanically, especially on the high (convex) parts which are more often in contact with other objects. The wearing process may begin immediately after starting use. The durability of the coating may vary from several weeks to several months or years.
  • The final order prices are the sum of the prices of the ordered products and the price of the chosen type of delivery. The final prices indicated in the order include packaging and transport of the products to the address chosen by the customer. Should the goods be sent outside the territory of the European Union, the user/customer shall pay all customs and other taxes related to the export.
  • The final order prices are the sum of the prices of the ordered products and the price of the chosen type of delivery. The final prices indicated in the order include packaging and transport of the products to the address chosen by the customer. Should the goods be sent outside the territory of the European Union, the user/customer shall pay all customs and other taxes related to the export. V. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF THE USER/CUSTOMER
  • The user/customer shall be entitled to receive information about the status of his order.
  • The user/customer shall bear full responsibility to secure his/her user name and password, as well as for all actions he/she or a third person performs using his/her user name and password. The user shall immediately inform ARTEFAKTI about each case of unauthorized access by using his/her user name and password, as well as in any case where risk of such use exists.
  • The user shall pay the order price according to the method of payment he/she has chosen.
  • Each user, whether client of ARTEFAKTI or not, shall be obliged when using the services: not to infringe others’ property or non-property rights and interests, absolute or relative rights and interests, such as property right, intellectual property right, etc.; to comply with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws and the netiquette when using the services provided by ARTEFAKTI.EU; not to commit malevolent activities; to compensate ARTEFAKTI and any third person for damages and losses, including any expenses and paid lawyers’ fees resulting from claims of and/or paid compensations to third persons in relation with web pages, hyperlinks, materials or information used by the User in breach of the law and the present General conditions.
  • The customer shall indicate exact and valid phone number, delivery address and e-mail address, to pay the price of the goods, to pay the delivery costs in the case it is not free and to provide access and possibility for receipt of the goods. Should it not be explicitly stated that the delivery is free, it shall be regarded as delivery for consideration.
  • ARTEFAKTI shall have the right, but not the obligation, to store materials and information located on the server of ARTEFAKTI.EU.
  • ARTEFAKTI shall have the right, at any time, without previous notice to the User/customer, to terminate or change the provided services in relation to the use of the site, in case the latter uses the services in infringement of the present conditions, as well as at the discretion of ARTEFAKTI.
  • After receipt of the payment, ARTEFAKTI shall be obliged to deliver the ordered goods within the appropriate time.
  • ARTEFAKTI shall have the right to collect and use information related to its Users/customers, whether registered or not.
  • The information under previous article may be used by ARTEFAKTI except in case of explicit disagreement of the User, sent to the following e-mail address shop@artefakti.eu. ARTEFAKTI may collect and use the information for the purpose of improving the provided services.
  • ARTEFAKTI shall not be liable for non-fulfillment of its obligation under this contract when circumstances occur which ARTEFAKTI has not foreseen and has not been obliged to foresee – including accidental events, problems on the internet and in the provision of the services beyond the control of ARTEFAKTI.
  • ARTEFAKTI shall have the right to install cookies on the computers of the users. The cookies are text files which are stored from the web-site on the hard disc of the User and allow recovery of the information about the User which identify him/her and allow following up of his/her actions, the websites he/she visits, the hyperlinks he/she uses, the information he/she uses, records etc.
  • ARTEFAKTI EOOD has been entered in the “register of personal data controllers and the personal data registers kept by them” with identification number 425642. ARTEFAKTI shall guarantee to its Users/customers the confidentiality of the submitted information and personal data. The latter shall not be used or provided to third parties, except in the cases and under the conditions stated in the present General conditions. ARTEFAKTI shall protect the personal data of the user/customer which become available with filling in the electronic order form, but this obligation shall lapse in the case the Customer has provided incorrect data. In compliance with the legislation in force and the clauses of the present General conditions ARTEFAKTI may use the personal data of the Customer solely for the purposes set forth in the General conditions.
  • ARTEFAKTI shall be obliged not to disclose any personal data of the Customer to third parties, except in the cases it has received the explicit written agreement of the Customer or the information has been requested by public authorities or officials authorized to request such information according to the legislation in force.
  • The General conditions may be amended at any time by ARTEFAKTI, which shall have also the right to change the characteristics of the provided services and the present General conditions on the basis of changes in the legislation. ARTEFAKTI shall be obliged to notify the Customer about the changes in the General conditions by publishing an easily visible notice on its website about the changes and allow him/her an adequate period to take note thereof. Should the Customer not state within this period that he/she rejects the changes he/she shall be deemed bounded by them. Should the Customer state within the given period that he/she does not agree with the changes ARTEFAKTI shall have the right to terminate immediately the provision of services to the Customer.
  • “User/customer” shall mean any person who has loaded on the internet the webpage of ARTEFAKTI.EU on his/her computer.
  • “Order” shall mean the chosen goods and any other attributes connected with the method of delivery and payment of the goods by the user/customer.
  • The online store ARTEFAKT.EU is property of ARTEFAKTI EOOD.
  • All disputes between the parties shall be settled in the spirit of understanding and in good faith. Should no agreement be reached, all unsettled disputes, including disputes arising from or concerning its interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes for closing gaps in the contract or its adaptation to new circumstances, shall be decided by the competent court at the registration of ARTEFAKTI EOOD, according to the Bulgarian legislation.