Artefakti's world

We know you are an individualist, with your own opinion and wearing the spirit of the new in your heart, and we from ARTEFAKTI are just the same.
Every piece of jewelry is special and handcrafted to satisfy your highest criteria about style, uniqueness and elegance.
– Atanas Konstantinov
CEO and Designer of ARTEFAKTI


The unique look of our jewelry is due to the continuous dialogue between the local tradition and modern design.

The rich cultural heritage of East Europe is an inspiration for every collection of ours and the contemporary approach to design is unfailing companion of our creative process. 


The traditional Bulgarian belief that the jewel – with its magnetic flicker and precious glamour – has to attract the light and to protect the one who bears it, contributes to the magic looks of our creations.

Foundation of our philosophy is the everlastingness of design. Our jewelry are created with the commitment to keep abreast of the time, irrespective of the fashions trends, so you can shine with them, without having to worry about the ever-changing tendencies.


To wear your jewel with self-confidence, besides glamorous, it must be crafted with unique quality. That is why we choose the best materials only. For the creation of our jewelry we use precious metals. We add precious and semiprecious stones, and when we include playful beads they are made of Japanese glass.

We do believe in love at first sight. We might be sentimental but what is important for us is the personal approach. That is why every thing with the name of ARTEFAKTI is handcrafted with attention to the smallest detail. 

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